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"How To Work Smart, and Stay Ahead of Your Competition in ONLY 5 Hours a Day or Less Through Teamsourcing!
WITHOUT Sacrificing 
Growth or Breaking the Bank!"

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If you struggle... a purposeful, abundant life
...building a team (virtually or in office)
...scaling with virtual assistants
...knowing what your next step should be
...knowing how to get it "all" done
...getting a return on your time
...getting further faster or
...knowing how to scale without venture capital

Then this webinar is for you!

Meet your Webinar Host Mia Paulus:
a lifestyle entrepreneur,
 and CEO/Founder of a fast-growing 100% virtual company! 

What You Will Learn on This Free Live Training Webinar:

Secret 1
"How to get a full team working for you to scale further faster for less than the cost of one full time admin staff"
Secret 2
"How to run a business on auto-pilot to create the freedom lifestyle you've always dreamed of"
Secret 3
"How to Master Your To-Do List without accomplishing everything on it and finally get a Return on Time (ROT)"
* PLUS -  Get Your Free Downloads of the "Not-to-Do List" and "I Know I'm Successful When"  and "Seven Levels Deep" Worksheet Just by Registering for the Web Class Today!

Heard of the 80/20 Rule?

Learn why we shouldn't be spending time trying to become experts in the 80% that makes us all the same in business.  Imagine if you put 80% of your focus on the 20% that makes you amazing.

Where would your company be with that level of focus?

How much further ahead would you be?

How could you scale further and faster than you competition?

Hey there, Mia Paulus here.
We need to play smarter in business!

I have truly cracked the code for the overworked and tired entrepreneur and executives to be the best in their market while working five hours a day or less.

Eeeek!  How?

Let me explain…

About a year before the “4 Hour Work Week” book by Tim Ferriss came out in 2007 is when my journey started to find solutions to simplify business and ultimately give entrepreneurs and executives more freedom and time back while keeping a competitive edge. Ultimately live a more purposeful and abundant life.

This book along with other influencers propelled the freedom lifestyle movement and for that I am grateful. Through technology, we can now work from wherever without sacrificing growth in our companies.

...Yet, here we are 13 years later and do we feel more free?

My guess is probably no. We really haven't changed our habits. So what are we still doing wrong?

You might be surprised but most likely it isn’t you. It is the solutions we are telling you to use that are wrong.  

We have unlimited software to keep us productive, the explosion of using virtual assistants to outsource our work, countless time management courses, and experts propelling the lifestyle entrepreneur movement and yet we are still more overworked than ever and not working smarter.

Less people are starting businesses. More businesses are failing.

Along this same movement, I have been testing and tweaking a model called “teamsourcing.”

I spent the last 14 years testing and researching hundreds of software, reading and implementing what the experts were saying, building teams, and employing virtual assistants. Through my testing, failures, and successes, I figured out why we are still struggling and I reveal it in my live weekly webinar.
I’m not going to tell you this webinar is limited and the offer is going away if you don’t act now because it isn’t. However we are just launching this mainstream and it will be first come first serve before we have to implement a waiting list.  

Just learning what teamsourcing is all about will be invaluable to your business whether you have employees or not. 

I believe I can help save you a decade by watching and implementing what is in this webinar.

Click the link below to learn more.  
About Your Host
Mia Paulus is a long-time entrepreneur who made it her life’s work to serve entrepreneurs and executives, helping them rediscover their passion and live their true life purpose. 

Mia’s passion from the very beginning was to simplify the process of building a business for busy entrepreneurs and executives. 

She believes that entrepreneurs can make an incredible impact on the world, but that they need help to realize their lofty business objectives and visions. Business has gotten too complex for one person to handle everything – that’s why Mia’s mission is to make business simple. 

She's the Founder and Chief Visionary at The Centr and this business is her way to give back to the entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs that are working hard every day building their visions. She started the company in 2006 with the goal of helping business owners reclaim their time and experience more joy from entrepreneurship.  

She is also the owner of Mastermind My Time, and can be found on social media under @MsMiaPaulus. 

Still not convinced?

Are you the visionary of the company?  Or do you support a visionary? 
Watch this video to understand the role of a visionary. It might be worth thinking differently about how you work.

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